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New Haven Ranch
Nick Bohl/Doerte Marks
100 Mule Creek Road
Hulett, WY 82720, USA
ph: 001-307-467-5663
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Nick Bohl/Doerte Marks
Last Update 12/2016
For a blonde Pal is pretty smart ;-) More experienced riders will enjoy his smooth gaits and willingness to work. And on photos the big gelding always is an eye-catcher.
Pep Pep
Pep is our clown. The small but strong cutting horse is very curious and always busy with something (you don't always want to know). He stands out with his speed and agility as well as his easy gaits.
Tramp can compete with any sea horse. This flashy chestnut loves to swim (here with Nick's daughter Nikki). He is very strong, absolutely sure footed and without fear. A life insurance ... and fast if he chooses to be.
Juno is the cavy's leader. The rather small bay gelding is friendly with people and pretty uncomplicated in all respects. He is safe, calm but not lazy - a fun to ride for both beginners and more experienced equestrians.
Poncho and Leftie (below) are named after the song by Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard. The two half brothers are Percheron-Quarter Horse mixes. They can also be driven as a team The Palomino Tobiano Poncho became a real cow horse in 2010.
Jazz - a Vegas look-alike - is a stout young mare who who loves cattle work (here with Tabea). She has a even temper, loves people ... but dominates the geldings in the herd ... typical woman :-)
Ginger is our only Appaloosa. The older compact mare has a beautiful head, the body of a mule, gliding gaits and an easygoing personality ... even though she can be stubborn once in a while.
Pearl, who arrived on the ranch in fall of 2010, is a naturally sensitive horse. Once this fast moving young black mare gains a bit more trust, she will be the horse of anyone's dreams.
Pinkerton (who packs Andy here) is just cuuute! Okay, that does not sound very professional. The small stout grey is obedient and willing. We bought Pink in the beginning of 2010 but are sure he'll soon be one of the safest horses on the ranch.
Lady (hier with Jutta) is a pretty chestnut mare. She looks so much like Tramp that we named her after the famous Disney movie "Lady and the Tramp". She is eager, fast and easy to ride alone.
We got Indy in fall of 2010. The short Overo paint - here with Jim - is darn cool. And even though he still needs more experience, he can already be ridden alone without a problem. We are excited.
Poncho's half brother Leftie can be ridden but we mostly use the huge red roan as a pack horse. Here he carries the material for an electrical fence line.
Two paints: Lotte's playfulness does not faze Jet (here with Antje). The Tobiano used to be a horse for handicapped riders. He ignores jumping goats or flying geese. Treats wake him up, though. 
Newt (ridden by Anne) is a sly old (well, young) dog. The pretty and affectionate red sorrel wants to have fun. He learnt a lot in the last season. Good riders love the small gelding.
Looks like a paint but something's wrong with his ears. Cisco is a "spotted ass", basically a paint donkey. He's rideable but we rather use him for packing. The horses still look at him as if he came from the moon but Cisco does not care.
Romes ... okay, the big Rubicano is not exactly a beauty but that's not the point. He works hard and likes people even though he was not always treated nicely by previous owners. He's pretty old and does not get ridden much anymore.
Doc is a big red sorrel with an unbelievable "cow sense" and lots of experience as a ranch horse. Since 2010 the older gelding has been chronically lame and is enjoying his retirement on the ranch.
We don't know our new geldings Whiskey and Scotch that well, yet. While Whiskey (the bay) seems to be a fast worker, Scotch (the grey) is on his way to become a beginner's horse. More information and better photos will follow.

They are the protagonists on our ranch: confident and surefooted Quarter Horses, Paints und mixes that carry our guests safely over rough and smooth. They live outside year round and only get extra feed when they have to work very hard or the snow is too deep. They are healthy - physically as well as mentally.  Jack rabbits or turkey chicks that move right under their feet usually don't scare them. They are "cowy" which means they like to chase cattle. Some are beautiful, some not. But they all like people and that's what's most important to us.
(Scroll down for individual portraits of our horses.)

Solid as a rock: K.C. The red roan is Nick's favorite horse. Calm, hardworking and experienced on the rope - the gelding is the embodiment of a classic ranch horse.
Rena enjoys life. The slightly plump Paint mare (Overo, with one blue eye) is always available for treats and some petting. She's never in a big hurry and thus is loved by beginners as well.
Who says that cow ponies cannot jump? Blade, a small strong black, looks a bit like a pony (don't worry, he measures more than 14 hands) but he walks faster than many big horses. This gelding is fearless ... like his rider Brianne on this picture.
Bailey came in 2010. The big paint (Red Dun Overo with two blue eyes) is playful and likes to be the center of attention. Last season the willing young gelding became many guests' favorite horse.
Grover used to win competitions for his good looks. Kids - and cats - can ride the patient and well trained red dun without problems. The gelding has become 20 years old but will still be working one more season in 2011.
Patch is a tall Sorrel Paint (Tobiano) with super long legs which he moves willingly. He is fast and needs a soft hand. On days with lots of work this versatile gelding is a godsend.
Buster (here in conversation with Grover) is a picture of a paint (Overo). He was cut at the age of 7 (thus the beautiful neck) and has (despite of it) a very calm disposition. The big gelding is bomb proof and has very smooth gaits.
Vegas is not exactly a children's horse but for Brandy's son Emmett he makes an exception. The big bay gelding is friendly, "cowy" and likes to move. Unfortunately one did not tell us that he was foundered when we bough him but due to the correct trimming and well-fitting boots this is luckily not a problem anymore.
Stella (here cutting with Gilbert) is too tall for a big career in cutting and reining. That's why we got the beautiful sorrel mare for an affordable price. Her grandfathers are Doc o'Lena, Poco Dell, Colonel Freckles and Steel Bird.


He looks a bit like an Andalusian (with freckles) but he is a cow horse at heart: Tucker. The small but athletic gelding impresses especially women ... that's how it is with Latin lovers ;-)

Chocolate (here under Anke) is a big brown mare with lots of power. She needs an experienced rider because she is finely tuned but also very safe with nice gaits and cow sense.
We just acquired Smoky in November 2010. The well built grey gelding has an easygoing disposition but is still in training.
As you can see, Classy can be ridden bareback. Here Katrin enjoys her soft jog. Classy was a brood mare but there is not much money in breeding anymore. The brown mare is easy to handle and very attached to people.
2010-newcomer Chica is a very well trained Western horse. Good riders enjoy how easily the brown mare reacts to cues and how ambitious she is at cattle work.
Bo is a bit older and very well-behaved. The level-headed palomino (Tanja could jump him across obstacles without a saddle) combines forward movement with comfortable gaits and power steering. An ideal horse for less than brave riders.
He's not a guest horse but part of the herd: Brandy's bay roan Viento. The young gelding is quite a hand full but Brandy would be bored by an easy horse ;-)